22 February 2012

Upcoming Flash support for Nokia N9?

According to a recent thread in Maemo.org, there are plans to release a Flash capable Firefox browser for Nokia N9. The exact date, however, is not known yet.

Follow the thread in the link to get more details:

A collection of official Nokia N9 videos

Here's a collection of official Nokia N9 videos. Which one do you like best?

21 February 2012

Home screen settings app will allow you to configure orientation of menu

Home Screen Settings allows orientation locking of the home screen to be configured through the Settings application. Harmattan PR1.1 or later is required.

Opera Mobile now officially available from Ovi Store

The famous Opera Mobile Labs Browser is finally available on Ovi Store. Go grab it from: http://store.ovi.com/content/255196? . The Opera browset might be a nice improvement on the standard Nokia N9 browser. One nice feature to note here is the 360 degrees accelerometer functionality, which actually means you can browse the web with your N9 upside down.

20 February 2012

MeeGo PR1.2 update on its way, behold!

The mighty PR1.2 update will be available for your N9 towards the end of February. According to GSMArena.com, the list of updates that will come with MeeGo PR1.2 will include the following:

Many bug fixes and tweaks (lots of them!)
Software update notifications for content in Nokia Store
Five new languages

18 February 2012

N9 vs N8 - why should (or shouldn't) I switch

I am one of these guys who switched to Nokia N9 from the fan favourite N8. I did not really need to do that as the N8 (with the recent Belle update) was an amazing piece of hardware and I did not really feel I needed to change it. Why did I change the model then? Well, I guess I just wanted some new shiny gadget and Nokia N9 looks so gorgeous I just couldn't resist. If you are still wondering whether to switch to N9 from your N8 or stay with the good old model, I am going to help you out a bit. Please consider the pros and cons that I've prepared for your consideration.

14 February 2012

Nokia N9 Wallpapers

Please  follow the  link to download these sweet 30+ original Nokia N9 wallpapers. My N9 somehow did not come with these on board out of the box. Enjoy!


Syncing Google calendar with Nokia N9 using CalDAV

This is probably the easiest way to make your N9 calendar sync with Google Calendar. You may stick with this method if you don't need Outlook syncing.
  1. Go to Accounts > Add Account > CalDAV
  2. Username is your full Google Calendar (including @gmail.com) username and password
  3. Server: www.google.com
It syncs only your primary calendar.

13 February 2012

How to sync your Nokia N9

I must admit setting up the syncing was nightmare... Various solutions found on the web were ranging from ridiculous to utterly crazy, like installing ancient versions of OVI Suite and stopping it from updating itself (once it updates everything's lost). I really started missing my good ol' N8 and the convenience of Nokia Suite. Syncing contacts, calendar, messages, music, videos and stuff like connection to mobile internet with your phone as a modem.

There are, however several ways you can sync your sleek Nokia N9 mail, calendar and contacts. I am going to list some of them,