02 December 2012

N9QTweak - an 'idiotproof' collection of mods

N9QTweak is a collaborative effort of several developers and the Nokia N9 community. This is a collection of the greatest tweaks for your Nokia N9 (or N950). Installation of individual mods is effortless and is done with a single press of the screen.

N9 Battery Q and A

It has been over a year since the phone's premiere back in 2011, and chances are people who have been using the phone for that period will soon start encoutering battery problems, and maybe even have to replace it. That's why I thought it would be nice to collect what I (and the N9 community) know about the battery pouch in Nokia N9 - in the form of a simple Q and A.

How to change Nokia N9 user agent

Nokia N9's stock browser seems simple (if not simplistic), but does the job just well. When I started using it, I was hit by its blatant crudity, but with time I noticed it has lots of advantages over other available browsers like Firefox or Opera. The native N9 browser is fast and responsive, while the other browsers for the N9 feel a bit sluggish.

30 November 2012

App of the week: Scrobbler

Nokia N9 boasts last.fm support in several applications, with a standalone FlowPlayer (which is a decent app however lags quite badly), QuasarMX beta and an amazing Last.fm radio client by Matiaz Perez to mention just a few. What I've been missing quite badly, however, was a simple way to enable last.fm scrobbling within the built-in N9 music player (which I personally find enough for my needs). I've recently discovered is Scrobbler, a beautiful little app that adds last.fm scrobbling to your N9 music player.

22 November 2012

Quake 3 Arena on Nokia N9

This post is to demonstrate how to run Quake 3 Arena on a Nokia N9 device. Please note that this is not a fully functional game, but merely a proof of concept. The video below shows the game running.

21 November 2012

Daily Wallpaper - a new N9 wallpaper every day

Daily Wallpaper is a sweet little app for Nokia N9 that allows you to have an automatically changed new wallpaper every hour/day/month/week, which means your device will never look boring again.

Jolla presents Sailfish - a successor to Nokia N9's MeeGo system

Today Finnish company Jolla presented their long awaited Sailfish OS on Slush conference. Jolla is a company created by former Nokia workers in charge of MeeGo Harmattan, i.e. Nokia N9's OS.

Alongside a fancy demo of their brainchild (see the video below), Jolla has finally launched their official website at www.jolla.com, which currently shows just a bunch of recent tweets and the aforementioned video.

12 November 2012

Changing Nokia N9 default theme with ThemeChanger

Emboss theme on Nokia N9
Some of you might already be familiar with an app called ThemeChanger, which basically allows you to change the default theme of Nokia N9. This application, funcional as it is, has been useless without themes for download.

Now, since a number of paid and non-paid themes appeared around the internet, it's just high time to give ThemeChanger a try. Each N9 theme provides an individual set of icons and interface design. It also changes the status bar (see screens below) and system icons. The themes are also compatible with horizontal view (if you're using Home Screen Settings for Nokia N9).

11 November 2012

Apkenv will run Android games on Nokia N9

Apkenv is a recently developed Android apps compatibility layer for our Nokia N9. The idea itself is nothing new, as there is NITDroid project which allows to install Android as second system in Nokia N9. Installation of Apkenv, however, is much easier and faster. I'm going to show you how to make an Android game work on Nokia N9 in a few easy steps.