30 November 2012

App of the week: Scrobbler

Nokia N9 boasts last.fm support in several applications, with a standalone FlowPlayer (which is a decent app however lags quite badly), QuasarMX beta and an amazing Last.fm radio client by Matiaz Perez to mention just a few. What I've been missing quite badly, however, was a simple way to enable last.fm scrobbling within the built-in N9 music player (which I personally find enough for my needs). I've recently discovered is Scrobbler, a beautiful little app that adds last.fm scrobbling to your N9 music player.
The app adds last.fm account in your Nokia N9 accounts panel and as soon as you enter your login as password, you can simply forget about it and the music gets scrobbled whenever you play a song in the player.

Scrobbler adds an icon to your Nokia N9's accounts panel

The fact that the app does not litter your home menu with a redundant launcher icon is an undeniable advantage. Cutting the long story short - give the app a try.

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