03 October 2012

LED Notifications for Nokia N9

LED Notifications mod for Nokia N9 is a modification developed by arcean, the founding member of www.meegoforum.pl, who is also active on www.maemo.org. The modification, as the name suggests, introduces LED modifications to Nokia N9. And yes, your N9 does have a white LED light in the bottom left corner. You've phobably never paid much attention to it as it only glows while charging or starting the device.

The mod allows you to make the LED lamp in the corner flash on missed calls, new instant messages, new text messages, voicemail, email, Facebook events, Twitter and calendar reminders. All of which can be set on and off, individually.

For any additional help and discussion with the author: link to the mod's thread on www.maemo.org.

I don't quite understand why Nokia actually decided not to use the LED light in the final N9 design, while the light is physically present. Anyways, I got used to the flashing notifications in my previous Nokia phones (N8, E52, E71, N73) and thus found it a bit of a nuisance not to have them in N9 (you only get the on-screen notifications though if stand-by screen is on: Settings -> Device -> Display).

Although LED notifications will not save you much battery life (as the stand-by screen on AMOLED takes minuscule amount of power), they are arguably more conspicuous. The video below demonstrates the mod in action:

How to install:

  • Before you start, you must allow the phone to accept non-Store packages (Settings -> Applications -> Installations). Make sure you've also installed Inception
  • Download the installation package led-mod.zip. Extract its contents to your phone's root directory (the one you see when you connect to PC with USB cable). Technically, the folder address will be /home/user/MyDocs/.
  • Run Nokia N9's Terminal and type the following:

Password: [yourpassword]
cd /home/user/MyDocs
dpkg -i duicontrolpanel-ledapplet*.deb
/usr/sbin/incept system-ui*.deb
Password for 'root': [yourpassword]

Use the password you set while installing Inception, remember that the letters dont appear while you type it. Mind any typos and/or upper-lowercase letters.

  • Restart the device. To restart your device conveniently, you can install Reboot app (or similar) from Nokia Store.
Note: LED notifications app does not support non-English languages, the chances are the app will not display comprehensive words in your language. For support on this and translations please refer to the official thread here.