21 October 2012

All-new Ubuntu + Nokia N9 cloud access

The all-new Canonical Ubuntu 12.10 operating system is out now. Go to the official project website to find out more. According to the developing team, Ubuntu is Fast, free and incredibly easy to use. Ubuntu operating system powers millions of desktop PCs, laptops and servers around the world. Ubuntu will work with your existing PC files, printers, cameras, music players and smartphones - and it comes with thousands of free apps.

Ubuntu offers its own cloud service, Ubuntu One. You can use the cloud on Ubuntu or alternatively on other platforms like Mac or Windows. With Ubuntu One you Get 5 GB of free cloud storage, and Music Streaming which includes 20 GB of storage for all your files.

Why bother, you may ask. Well, one of Canonical's developers is apparently an avid owner of Nokia N9 (read his blog entry about Nokia N9 experience, and here for the reasons he bought an N9) and found some time at home to develop an early version of the Ubuntu One cloud client for our Nokia N9. Go here to download it. The application in its current version just allows you to browse and download the contents of the Ubuntu One cloud.

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