21 October 2012

Album art the easy way

You have probably wondered why some of the albums do not have proper covers on Nokia N9 and whether it is possible to make your Nokia N9 music player display all album covers correctly. Nokia N9 reads the album art embedded in mp3 files, so to make the album artwork display correctly in the music player, you must either:

1. Download a paid app called CoverUp from Nokia Store and let the magic happen. I've written about it before.


2. Use a free ID3 tag editor for your mp3's, e.g. kid3. You can dowload kid3 here. The program allows you to open your mp3 album files and drag-and-drop the relevant album cover artwork to embed it automatically in all mp3 files. Press save button, and exit. That's it!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the post.
    As to the second way you suggest, just wanted to point out that there is another free utility for the task, called "Taghycardia" (http://taghycardia.info). The program finds album art, whenever it is lacking, both online and locally, and embeds it into tracks in an automatic fashion. In addition, it fixes various tag issues like missing or incomplete info.