30 September 2012

Top 10 websites Nokia N9 user should not miss

Apps for Meego

Apps for MeeGo is an online MeeGo applications catalogue. This website has particularly nice design and interface, but it seems nothing much has been happening there for the last few months.

HarBox - unofficial Box.com client for Nokia N9

HarBox is the first (and only) Box.com client for Nokia N9. It is currently in development stage, but a beta version can already be downloaded and tested at Nokia Developer Projects website

Cloud services and Nokia N9

The cloud services market seems to be much populated by now, and it is quite ignorant to think that Google is the undisputed leader of the race and the only reasonable cloud choice. When your mobile phone is Nokia N9, choosing a cloud service should not be motivated merely by the amount of available cloud space, but also the availability (and quality) of applications for downloading and uploading files to and from your phone. Many of the client applicatons available for Nokia N9 are unofficial and don't lack glitches.

How to sync Bookmarks between Nokia N9 and your PC

There are several ways to sync bookmarks between your Nokia N9 and PC, I am going to discuss three of them here.

Method 1. 

Mozilla Firefox Sync

Mozilla Firefox sync seems to be the easiest way to sync bookmarks with your PC but... It only works in Mozilla browser. If your not using Mozilla on either your PC or Nokia N9, you must settle for other syncing methods (see methods 2 and 3 below).

Did you know: Swype


Swype is a very fast text input method, but there are situations when is is easier to type using regular keyboard. To install Swype, go to Settings -> Time and language -> Text input and change "Swipe" to on.

Inception - Expanding Nokia N9's possibilities

One of the key advantages of the MeeGo Harmattan system in Nokia N9 over other mobile platforms is its unmatched openness. Without any modifications, there is a possibility of easy access to the sytem terminal, root permissions, and all system resources, etc. In other words, the system virtually begs for tampering with it.

This does not mean, however, that there are no restrictions whatsoever. There is a system component called Aegis to protect you . It's a kind of a guard that is designed to not allow destructive modifications of the system, by overseeing the installation of packages and reduction of permissions (even for root). This is mainly due to security reasons. 

Did you know: Changing default mail attachment size

The default limit for Nokia N9's email attachments is only 5 MB - not much by modern standards. The limit does not even regard the size of individual file, but the size of all files attached in the mail. There is no possibility to change the size in system settings. This blog entry will show you how to increase it up to 50MBs.

Krogulec, a polish blogger from http://www.dobreprogramy.pl/Krogulec, showed a simple trick to do it.

29 September 2012

Dictionaries for Nokia N9

To use a variety of good dictionaries for Nokia N9 you will need to download a program that supports StarDict format databases. I found two such programs for Nokia N9 on Nokia Store. The first, DictionaryStar is free, and the other, QStarDict costs peanuts. They both offer basically the same functionality, but I liked the paid one more. While it costs a dollar, QStarDict Dictionary has a slightly nicer user interface.

Top 10 Must Have Apps for your Nokia N9

Nokia N9, the esteemed "abandoned child" of Nokia, is a great device, and for an experienced user like me there's nothing I miss more than availability of popular games and applications. There are, however, precious jems that are worth every user's attention.

Please have a look at the list of my favourite must have applications for Nokia N9.

28 September 2012

Drumkit YouTube video features Nokia N9

Watchful eye of an N9 fanboy spotted an interesting video. Nokia Developer Projects presents official YouTube video featuring Nokia N9 running a Multi-Platform Drumkit Example App.

Isn't that amazing to see your favourite phone in action once again? To see what other applications developers' community is up to go to official Nokia Developer Projects website.

27 September 2012

How to fix Evernote sharing app on Nokia N9

Evernote is a great solution, but it somehow lacks a properly running application on Nokia N9. The one you can find in the Store is just an icon link to Evernote webpage with a sharing plugin. As long as the sharing plugin is quite useful, the link is rather useless to me. Here I'm going to show you how to fix Evernote on your N9 so that you get its full functionality back.