30 September 2012

Did you know: Changing default mail attachment size

The default limit for Nokia N9's email attachments is only 5 MB - not much by modern standards. The limit does not even regard the size of individual file, but the size of all files attached in the mail. There is no possibility to change the size in system settings. This blog entry will show you how to increase it up to 50MBs.

Krogulec, a polish blogger from http://www.dobreprogramy.pl/Krogulec, showed a simple trick to do it.

Before you start, you'll need two things


  1. Developer mode (Settings - Security - Developer Mode). This will allow you to use N9's Terminal.
  2. Nano (or any other text editor for Nokia N9)


  1. Open Fenix Mail's configuration file. To do that type in Terminal the following (mind you this is case-sensitive): nano /home/user/.config/Nokia/Fenix.conf 
  2. Add the following line in Fenix.conf file (## is the the desired size value, e.g. 50, see the photo)

maxAttachmentSize ##

Note that this value should not exceed the limit imposed by the mail provider - for example, 25MB limit on gmail.com. Save the changed file pressing Ctrl + O, Enter and Ctrl + X to exit. Close the Terminal, restart your phone and you're done!