29 September 2012

Dictionaries for Nokia N9

To use a variety of good dictionaries for Nokia N9 you will need to download a program that supports StarDict format databases. I found two such programs for Nokia N9 on Nokia Store. The first, DictionaryStar is free, and the other, QStarDict costs peanuts. They both offer basically the same functionality, but I liked the paid one more. While it costs a dollar, QStarDict Dictionary has a slightly nicer user interface.

Sample locations from which the StarDict dictionaries (Oxford, Longman, Webster's, Collins) can be downloaded:

How to install?

QStarDict Dictionary installation

1. Go to the Nokia store and install QStarDict. It costs peanuts!
2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB
3. In the root directory of the phone create a directory called dic (case-sensitive)
4. Put your dictionary directories to dic directory, in my case it is a stardict-kos-2.4.2. The directory name is very important, it must begin with stardict and end with 2.4.2. I don't really know why that is. Otherwise, the dictionary does not appear in the program.
5. Run QStarDict. In the settings menu the installed dictionaries should display. If everything went ok, you can start to use the dictionary.

DictionaryStar installation

DictionaryStar is free, but it is a bit harder to upload to the database dictionary. From Windows, you can not see all the system directories N9. So you will need a good file manager for Nokia N9, for example FileBox.

1. Install DictionaryStar (it's free)
2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB
3. Create in the root directory a folder called dic (case insensitive), put there all dictionaries.
4. Install from the Nokia store FileBox, a free file manager. You will need it to get into system directories of N9.
5. Run FileBox. Move the whole folder dic (which you previously created) to directory /home/user/ .stardict/. If the directory does not exist - create it.
6. Run DictionaryStar. Dictionary should work now. In the menu at the top of the screen there should be a list of all installed dictionary databases.


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