30 September 2012

How to sync Bookmarks between Nokia N9 and your PC

There are several ways to sync bookmarks between your Nokia N9 and PC, I am going to discuss three of them here.

Method 1. 

Mozilla Firefox Sync

Mozilla Firefox sync seems to be the easiest way to sync bookmarks with your PC but... It only works in Mozilla browser. If your not using Mozilla on either your PC or Nokia N9, you must settle for other syncing methods (see methods 2 and 3 below).

Start Mozilla on your N9 and go to Settings -> Sync -> Connect. This will display a sync code.


To start syncing bookmarks, open Mozilla on your PC, click the Home button (or type about:home in the location bar) to bring up the default Firefox home page. At the bottom of the home page, click the Sync link to open the Sync settings window.

Then click the Pair a device link and the Firefox Sync Setup window will open.

Enter the twelve character code generated on your other device and click Next.

When the code is accepted you will see a Device Connected message and your device will immediately begin syncing. Click Finish to close the setup window.

Method 2.


Bookmarks and MeegoMarks are both small programs developed by the same developer, Jaako Roppola. This somehow explains why they look virtually the same. Bookmarks offer syncing with Pocket (formerly: Read it Later), Diigo and Google Bookmarks services.

Note: Google Bookmarks are not compatible with Chrome bookmarks, so if you want to use them, you'll need a Google Bookmarks browser plugin anyway.

MeegoMarks, on the other hand, offers all the features of Bookmarks plus Del.icio.us bookmarks service.

Bookmarks project is no longer supported and has some issues (i.e. it is impossible to log into Google Bookmarks). Thus, it is highly recommended to use MeegoMarks instead.

Bookmarks doesn't allow to log in to Google Bookmarks. This is the screen I get when I try.

The method is quite easy, but you must install a plugin on your PC browser to make adding bookmarks possible (I find the Pocket service plugin for Chrome the most convenient)

One disadvantage of Meegomarks (and Bookmarks) app is that while PC to N9 syncing is simple, N9 to PC is a struggle. To add a bookmark from your system browser on N9, you must copy the address, start MeegoMarks and manually paste the address... I really wish the MeegoMarks was integrated into Accounts on Nokia N9 to make sharing easier than that.

Anyway, If you syncing is mostly one-directional (from PC to N9) - using MeegoMarks with one of the services, e.g. Pocket (Read it later) is good enough.

Method 3.


Evernote is one of my favourite bookmark management solutions (download it here for your Nokia N9). The reason is that it is the only one that integrates deeply in Nokia N9 Accounts and you can easily press Share from within virtually any application to share movies, links, photos and entire websites (see screens below).


The Evernote sharing plugin available from the Nokia Store needs a small fix, though. Follow my blog entry to do it and enjoy.

That's basically it. Evernote is my personal choice because it offers best inegration with N9 system accounts. If you don't mind spending a minute to tweak Evernote, this should be the best solution to dealing with bookmarks.

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