02 December 2012

N9QTweak - an 'idiotproof' collection of mods

N9QTweak is a collaborative effort of several developers and the Nokia N9 community. This is a collection of the greatest tweaks for your Nokia N9 (or N950). Installation of individual mods is effortless and is done with a single press of the screen.

N9 Battery Q and A

It has been over a year since the phone's premiere back in 2011, and chances are people who have been using the phone for that period will soon start encoutering battery problems, and maybe even have to replace it. That's why I thought it would be nice to collect what I (and the N9 community) know about the battery pouch in Nokia N9 - in the form of a simple Q and A.

How to change Nokia N9 user agent

Nokia N9's stock browser seems simple (if not simplistic), but does the job just well. When I started using it, I was hit by its blatant crudity, but with time I noticed it has lots of advantages over other available browsers like Firefox or Opera. The native N9 browser is fast and responsive, while the other browsers for the N9 feel a bit sluggish.