02 December 2012

N9QTweak - an 'idiotproof' collection of mods

N9QTweak is a collaborative effort of several developers and the Nokia N9 community. This is a collection of the greatest tweaks for your Nokia N9 (or N950). Installation of individual mods is effortless and is done with a single press of the screen.

This text-mode application allows you to apply most of these useful modifications and fixes that I've been discussing in my blog so far. Please remember that some of the tweaks are potentially dangerous so please refer to PDF instructions before you hooray into the app menu.

For a complete list of modifications see this site.

N9QTweak Installation: Go to this thread and download the .deb file (bottom of post), install it according to these instructions. Many modifications in N9QTweak will require having Inception mode (and, mind you, a different devel-su password). If you still haven't installed Inception, go grab it here.

Here's all you need to know: N9QTweak wiki
Help and discussion: talk.maemo.org thread

Good luck!

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