30 September 2012

Top 10 websites Nokia N9 user should not miss

Apps for Meego

Apps for MeeGo is an online MeeGo applications catalogue. This website has particularly nice design and interface, but it seems nothing much has been happening there for the last few months.

Anyway, if you havent checked it out yet - give it a try as there might be a few apps that you skipped somehow. Here's a link which will take you directly to the repository dedicated solely to Nokia N9 apps (and not other MeeGo devices).

Nokia Beta Labs

Nokia Beta Labs is a website that publishes projects all official Nokia developers' projects, i.e. before apps are widely available from Nokia Store, their Beta releases can be downloaded from the Labs for testing purposes. To start testing recently updated apps, you must log in with your Nokia Account and select your device. It allows you to take part in discussions, test beta verisions of software, and occasionally, win a contributor of the month award (mostly Nokia T-Shirts, gadgets and accessories).

By participating in Nokia Beta Labs projects you can have actual influence on what future software releases might look like on your Nokia N9.

The truth is, however, we might not be seeing much new projects for N9, as the MeeGo team left Nokia some few months ago and I believe the only piece of software we might expect being regularly updated for Nokia N9 is the Nokia Suite.

Nokia Developer Projects

The website gathers Nokia developers from around the world and serves them space of online project hosting, collaborative software development, web design and documentation. In simple words, a regular user can visit this website from time to time to see what various Developers are currently up to and which apps are soon to be released on your device.

There is also possibility to download beta releases of apps for testing, so if you want, you can be a part of every project, give feedback and help troubleshoot apps.

To go directly to Nokia Developer Projects website section dediacted to Nokia N9, click here.


This site is undoubtedly the biggest forum dedicated to Maemo and MeeGo, and it's probably the best place to seek help regarding information and help with Nokia N9.

This link will take you directly to the part of forum dedicated to our beloved Nokia N9. Browsing the site every now and then will give you a peek into recent independent projects and work on applications and modifications for Nokia N9.


Swipe.Nokia.com is an official Nokia website that will tell you what Nokia N9 is and how the interface differs from other smartphones available on the market nowadays.

There is also an innovative interactive demo that is an example of brilliant marketing that somehow went unnoticed for many Nokia N9 users. It's a kind of a demontration of what the Nokia N9 looks like and explanation of its key features. You can interact with the presentation using your built-in webcam.

Everything N9

Everything N9 is one of few blogs over the internet that keep getting regular updates months after the device's premiere back in 2011. This is also one of my favoirite Nokia N9 blogs around. There are two bloggers who seem to cover most of relevant Nokia N9 news.

All About N9

All About N9 is another nice blog, but it hasn't seen a single update in a few months. Anyways, you can still browse its contents if you're looking for information on Nokia N9, reviews of interesting Apps and commentaries on various events related to Nokia N9.


  1. how many nokia n9 users around the world? how many n9 devices have been produced by nokia?

  2. Even I wanted to know the same thing.

  3. 90,000 nokia n9's were made according to some sites.