27 September 2012

How to fix Evernote sharing app on Nokia N9

Evernote is a great solution, but it somehow lacks a properly running application on Nokia N9. The one you can find in the Store is just an icon link to Evernote webpage with a sharing plugin. As long as the sharing plugin is quite useful, the link is rather useless to me. Here I'm going to show you how to fix Evernote on your N9 so that you get its full functionality back.

1. Install the Evernote Sharing plugin
2. Delete the Evernote weblink from home screen (you won't be needing it anyway)
3. Go to www.evernote.com/mobile on your N9 and and weblink to this page to your homescreen ("Add to home screen" in Web menu)

That's it. You will be able to use Evernote web app with functional login on your N9 now. You may, however go a step forward if you don't like the ugly green icon the phone has generated for Evernote weblink. Here's a few steps to switch the ugly icon to original Evernote icon. First, download these two files and copy them to your N9.

1. Use FileBox program on your N9 (make all hidden and system fles visible) to copy evernote.desktop file to /home/user/.local/share/applications directory.
2. Copy QQ.png icon to the phone MyDocs directory (the one you see in USB connection on PC)

That's it. The icon as new as ever. Enjoy!