12 July 2012

How to display music album covers on Nokia N9

Have you ever encoutered problems displaying album covers on your N9? Well, here is a solution.

I have often found it irritating that some of my albums have covers, and some not. The Nokia N9 music player does not support iTunes covers. 

CoverUp is an extremely useful application that allows a (literally) one-click cover artwork generation to albums stored on the phone. I know it was available for Symbian devices but ultimately - I found it available for my N9 a couple of days ago. It's an absolute must-have for every music lover. 

For a long time it annoyed me that there were no covers and album art for all albums, and just automatically generated N9 "covers" on the phone. I also never had time to use MediaMonkey or other relevant software to find a cover. It turned out that the author of CoverUp teknolog, found a great way to remedy the problem.

CoverUP automatically downloads album art for all your albums stored in the phone memory. It just can't be any easier.

The application is available from Ovi Store for only couple of bucks and is absolutely worth it. I highly recommend it. Go to http://store.ovi.com/content/99720 and grab it!