03 October 2012

Community PowerPack for Nokia N9

It's amazing that the seemingly stillborn Nokia N9 is still getting such big support from the community. The eponymous PowerPack serves a great example of the power of Nokia N9 community.

The PowerPack is a collection of performance and usability fixes that, while don't change your world around, are still very valuable. The pack mostly improves the performance and interface of Qt-based components. It also introduces landscape mode to settings menu. The pack has been prepared by arcean, an active member of www.maemo.org and founding member of Polish www.meegoforum.pl.

Visit this thread to see a detailed list of fixes in English (requires a login).

How to install?

1. Download the PowerPack. Unzip it.
2. Make sure you have installed the Inception
3. Copy the pack to your N9 to PowerPack folder in your root directory (the one you see when you connect to PC with USB cable). Technically, the folder address will be /home/user/MyDocs/PowerPack.
4. Run Nokia N9 Terminal and type

cd /home/user/MyDocs/PowerPack
/usr/sbin/incept *.deb
Password for 'root': [yourpassword]

5. Restart the device.

Note: You use the password you set while installing Inception, remember that the letters dont appear while you type it. 
Note: Mind any typos and/or upper-lowercase
Note: I have been using the PowerPack together with FasterN9 and Overclocking, and haven't seen any negative effects so far.

1 comment:

  1. It has some negative effects. The most critical impact it has is I can't use the copy/paste function! I also didn't notice any significant improvements. I do not recommend this as there are lots of bugs. One should wait for a stable version.