07 October 2012

Nokia Drive Automatic Night Mode and Live Traffic Information

This entry will show you how to introduce two small tweaks to Nokia Drive on Nokia N9. The modifications will give you traffic information and automatic day/night mode. These are available in other Nokia devices out-of-the-box, but are somehow missing on our Nokia N9.

Live Traffic Information shows approximate traffic density on major city streets using several colors of the streets (see screen above). The auto day/night mode will switch automatically between these two based on time the sun rises and sets in your area, adjusting the colors of the phone's screen.


1. Download the drive-mod package. Unpack it and copy the contents to /home/user/MyDocs, i.e. te folder you see by default when you connect by USB.
2. Make sure you have enabled the Developer mode. Run Nokia N9 Terminal and type as follows:

Password: rootme
cd /home/user/MyDocs
dpkg -i patch_2.6-2*.deb
cp -r /usr/lib/drive-qml /usr/lib/drive-qml-original
patch -p0 -i Patch*.diff

Mind any spelling and upper/lowercase. Run Nokia Drive and enjoy additional features in your settings menu.

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