07 October 2012

Alternatives to native Facebook app on Nokia N9

Nokia N9 offers nice integration with social networks, i.e. all messages from Facebook, Twitter and Skype are displayed in one screen in the phone's news feed. The native Facebook app on Nokia N9 isn't exactly
up to scratch and you might be better off using... the regulare mobile Facebook in your phone browser.

1. Native Nokia N9 Facebook App

This QML app is very simple (if not simplistic) and quite functional if Facebook is not your primary focus on a mobile device. It's good for checking Facebook messages, updates and changing status, but not much more except that.

The application itself is quite laggy and I personally prefer the Facebook touch website in the browser (see below). See the native Facebook app in action here:

2. Facebook mobile touch site (touch.facebook.com)

You can test the functionality of this app directly from your PC by clicking the link above. This HTML5 Facebook is IMHO a far more functional solution than the Native QML Facebook App, but it lags quite badly, just like the native Nokia N9 Facebook app. If you don't mind the lagging though, you might be quite happy with it. Otherwise, go for fMobi.

See it in action here:

Note: I personally like the Facebook touch version the most of all the three that are discussed in this post, so I decided to substitute my Nokia N9's Facebook icon with a link to the Facebook touch site. Go here to read instructions on how to do that in my other post.

3. fMobi

The name doesn't imply much, but fMobi is actually a very potent Facebook client app for Nokia phones (and Nokia N9). You can download it from the Nokia Store.

fMobi features include:
  • News feed 
  • Chat 
  • Profile 
  • User info 
  • Messages 
  • Check In / Places 
  • Sound notifications 
  • Vibration notifications 
  • Top Friends 
  • Search 
  • Multiple settings 
  • Photo Upload 
  • Groups 
  • Pages 
  • Events 
  • Commenting / Liking 
  • View comments / likes 
  • Albums / Photos 
  • Notifications 
  • Landscape / Portrait 
  • Black / White theme.

In main window you can select from functionalities. When in some function, you have toolbar on your left where you can quickly move to another functions.

Almost in all functions you can go to user's wall by clicking the profile image of the user. Quickly like or show likes of a comment by pressing the comment. If you like to comment user's status, just click on the status to get more access to it.

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