07 October 2012

FasterN9 will make your Nokia N9 silky smooth

There are two ways to make your Nokia N9 less laggy at the moment, OPPtimizer overclocking app and FasterN9. While OPPtimizer tampers with processor's frequency and I wouldn't recommend it to beginners, the FasterN9 installation is very easy and yields much better effects than OPPtimizer overclocking your 1GHz clock to 1,2GHz.

Faster N9 is a mod developed by traysh, an active member of talk.maemo.org. The author claims that the latest, stable release of FasterN9 is safe to install. Visit the official FasterN9 thread here.

The mod will make your Nokia N9 silky smooth by changing priorities of the phone's processes. As a result, N9 is more responsive, the appl load faster and the system less laggy in transitions and animations. From my experience, the mod also makes the phone less battery-hungry (though it might just be an initial inpression).

Have a look at a video presenting the changes:

The video, however, shows a phone that has been both overclocked and has FasterN9 installed, so it may not give you the actual impression of what FasterN9 really is.

FasterN9 installation:

  1. Download the package.
  2. Run it according to these instructions.
  3. Restart the phone. Enjoy your faster Nokia N9!

Known FasterN9 bugs:

  1. No system sounds will work (including alarm) after installation until first reboot
  2. when using spotify in offline mode and sports tracker, the music stutters badly

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