21 November 2012

Jolla presents Sailfish - a successor to Nokia N9's MeeGo system

Today Finnish company Jolla presented their long awaited Sailfish OS on Slush conference. Jolla is a company created by former Nokia workers in charge of MeeGo Harmattan, i.e. Nokia N9's OS.

Alongside a fancy demo of their brainchild (see the video below), Jolla has finally launched their official website at www.jolla.com, which currently shows just a bunch of recent tweets and the aforementioned video.

Sailfish is expected to launch early 2013, which means until then there will be lots of teasers in this fashion. There is, however a short hands-on demo video featuring Sailfish UI.

The preview above is running on a Nokia N950 device, which basically is a QWERTY slider brother of Nokia N9. The video does not reveal much except the operating system's multitasking capabilities. However, since it's running on a Nokia MeeGo device, it should be just enough to spur plenty speculation on whether or not the Sailfish OS will make its way to Nokia N9 as an official (or unofficial) port. The chances are our (or, to be precise - my) favourite mobile phone will get a fresh operating system somewhere in 2013. Whether Sailfish will beat the usability and comfort of MeeGo Harmattan is another issue.

From what is known for now, the Sailfish OS will be capable of running most of Android applications without any additional modifications. Another cool feature is the four-directional swipe, i.e. the screen will not only be flipped sideways, but also vertically, to access status information on the device which, according to the developers, will thus be more accessible whenever needed. Another useful feature is the ability to interact with the applications while in minimized multitasking view, allowing you to control applications like the media player, or use other features without going directly into the application.

The Ambience feature, on the other hand, will allow users to use any picture as device's wallpaper, and make the phone automatically adjust the colour scheme of the phone's UI, which seems a neat and quite original feature.

May the force be with Jolla.

Sailfish wiki: sailfishos.org


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  2. How we convert my Nokia n9 device into android please tell me.