25 October 2012

Syncing Nokia N9 with Windows Live [UPDATED 26.10.2012]

This way of syncing Nokia N9 is probably my favourite as it keeps full backup of all contacts and calendar in both Windows Live cloud and Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013 (preview at the moment), and the entries are kept updated no matter where you change them. The possibilities to access your mail, calendar and contacts are plenty. You can e.g. add calendar entries in Windows Live (Hotmail) Calendar, Outlook on your PC, or your Nokia N9. Everything syncs as soon as you sync the Mail for Exchange account.
Nokia does not (officially) offer Windows Live support in the accounts list. 

Here are several easy steps I found to make the magic happen:

1. Configure your Windows Live/Hotmail account as Mail for Exchange (the blue icon)

Email address: my.account@yourdomain.com
username: my.account@yourdomain.com (full address)
password: your Windows Live password (NOT your gmail password)
domain: leave  empty
Server: m.hotmail.com

Adjust your other schedule options and sync details.

2. At this point the account will not sync, due to problem with Microsoft servers. Many people reported this and MS have not resolved the matter.

Download a small tweak and install it. Run the MeMailSettings app from your phone's menu.

3. Use Easy Tweak Mode, choose your mail account, select Force EAS protocol version. (See screenshots below)

4. Enter 2.5 and press Save Settings. Close the app.

5. Restart your phone. Enjoy your fully synced N9+Outlook+Windows Live!


  1. Great work and the best instructions possible.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the instructions, easy to follow[which is important for someone like me who does not understand techy lingo]

    Still, my Windows Live calendar do not seem to sync with my N9?

    Am I missing something?

    Any help will be appreciated.

  3. Before Choose the force EAS protocol version, the mfc (hotmail address) didnt come out, how to choose???

  4. I suppose there is still no way of receiving the e-mails from the Hotmail/Outlook accounts in their original HTML format?

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  16. I managed to make it work, but unfortunately it just sync the contacts to the N9, but not back to Outlook. Anyone like me?

  17. I wasn't precise though: I'm trying to sync my google contacts with the N9 via Outlook. With this tweak it pushes the contacts between the N9 and Outlook, but then Outlook won't sync with Google.

  18. Altho the mail is syncing, the contacts & calendar do not :(

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  23. Just bought A beauty, N9, for my second phone... Gmail went ok... Hotmail... Beating my head aginst wall... Then I found this blog...
    Thank You!!! Abit tricky, but finally got it working!!

  24. Tries it but Under Easy Tweet Mode only "Max Attachment Size" came up.... - So hasn't worked on my Nokia N9! :-(

  25. The other thing that you could do, which is what I do to save on battery life, is just to access Hotmail from the default web browser. Make sure you use the iPhone user agent mod here, it really makes a big difference!


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